Tips for Success

It is clear that all students want to complete their examinations and get their certificates as early as possible. As TULPAR Aviation we are fully aware of that and in order to support our students we have some recommendations for them;

  • Please study your module training material provided by Heinze Akademie carefully. It is very modern, digital training material with additional functions like highlighting and note sections that can be exported into personal PDF files. The training material is also rich in illustrations and video-clips to help to understand the topics. 

However, the note that with great precaution: Every single examination questions comes directly from Heinze training material. If you study well Heinze training material, you will read over our examination question topics. Other books or studying material are of course good to increase your knowledge but if you want to be successful at our exams please firstly study Heinze Akademie module study materials.

  • In addition to the training material (digital books) Heinze Akademie offers a state-of-the-art digital training question tool in English plus Turkish language. Once you have studied the training material, the training question tool will be your best exam preparation. You learn how to intelligently answer multiple choice questions, you will learn how to transfer the knowledge from the training material to short questions and answers and also you learn how to deal with time restraints in a real multiple-choice test. Finally, in this English-Turkish training-question tool you can find out, which English terms you need to re-learn (exam questions are always in English). The Tool will let you know, when you are ready to take an exam or not. It helps you to be successful. Please solve the study questions at least 7 times.

  • Please make your English level as high as possible not only increase your chance to be successful at examinations but also be a good engineer in the future. Aviation is global industry and if you want to live and work in different countries English language is a must.