Heinze Academy

Heinze Akademie is the oldest technical private academy in Hamburg/Germany. The academy was founded in 1937. The academy conducts technical and design oriented vocational and professional further trainings for different industry fields.

Heinze Akademie is an approved EASA Part-147 Organisation since 17.03.2015 and has capability to perform basic trainings and examinations for Category A1, B1.1 and B2. Heinze Akademie has the approval number of DE.147.0022 from LBA-German Federal Civil Aviation Administration. 

Not only Part-66 trainings but also tailor made trainings in the field of Cabin Interior and Composite Maintenance.

Heinze Akademie is also a leading member of Hamburg Aviation Cluster which is located on the the biggest aviation industry city of Europe and probably the world.

“Heinze Academy web site : www.heinze-akademie.de “